Case Study: Pauline Community Trust School

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Scattered across the African continent are projects focusing on enhancing the quality of life for African children. One of these projects is the Pauline Community Trust School in Kitwe Zambia.

The school was founded in 2003 by Mrs. Joyceleen M S Nankolongo, a member of the community who was concerned by the amount of impoverished children who were unable to attend a school for the simple reason that there was no school in their area.

The Pauline Community Trust School was established with zeal and compassion but with little resources or knowledge. This by no means prevented the school from being founded. They are currently serving 350 children by providing them with a basic education.

The school was introduced to Horizon in 2009 by Horizon Consulting, a Zambian NGO, who had come alongside the impoverished school with advice and basic resources. The first step to assisting the school was done by doing a basic assessment. The findings were that the school was not only in need of resources but more so in need of training in areas such as governance, financial management and resource development. In order to build capacity in the school and increase the opportunity for them to be introduced to a potential funder, the director, chairperson and a key member of staff were invited to attend an initial workshop in May 2010 facilitated by Horizon in partnership with Horizon Consulting Int. on project planning and design. The second step was a follow up visit and the school was invited again to attend a full week of training in governance, financial management, fundraising and proposal writing together with nine other organisations. The organisations felt so empowered and encouraged by what they had learned during the training and the sharing of insights with each other that a network was formed.

After this training, Horizon invited a Dutch funding organisation to accompanying them to visit a few projects in Zambia and one of these projects was the Pauline School. With much confidence, passion and zeal the school presented their program and their need for new premises to the funder. This resulted in them being encouraged to present a proposal and with the input of Horizon this proposal resulted into the school being granted 92.000 euro for the building of an entire new school. At this point the assistance of Horizon does not come to an end but continues into the future. Presently Horizon is monitoring the building process and provides ongoing consulting to ensure that beyond the building of a new school the organisational capacity of the school will grow to a level where they can in return transfer their gained insights into other initiatives for children in need in their surroundings.

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